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What is carbonate spring?

Carbonate spring refers to hot water mixed with carbon dioxide gas. Once the hand is immersed in carbonate spring, many small bubbles come around the skin like foaming water. In Germany where there are a large number of carbonate springs, carbonate springs are considered to be beneficial to beauty and health and are widely used in medical fields such as skin treatment.

What is the concentration of carbonate spring?

It refers to the amount of carbon dioxide gas contained in 1L of water, expressed numerically. The concentration of a bottle of carbonated beverage is about 3,000 to 4,000ppm. Generally speaking, more than 1 gram (1000ppm) per 1L of water is the most effective for scalp cleaning and cell activation.

Only one specially introducing Mitsubishi watercouture carbonate spring machine from Japan in Hong Kong.

Carbonate spring is used to clean scalp and hair while the carbonate spring is performed for head SPA

Four Characteristics of SODA HEAD SPA
Remove and decompose the grease stuck in pores cleanly.
Carbonate spring can cleanly remove the dandruff dirt that it is difficult for shampoo alone to clean
Completely remove chemical adhesions such as silicon and wax stuck on hair.
Achieve smooth baby-like hair, miraculously free of any adhesion, and thoroughly clean the hair & scalp.
The most important thing
is to thoroughly clean the scalp so that nutrients injected for hair care can be absorbed smoothly
Adjust the PH value of the hair to the weak acidity for carbonate spring head SPA
Promoting blood gas circulation can actively circulate many capillaries flowing under the scalp using the “Bohr effect”. Inject oxygen into the scalp to activate the aging scalp.

Most Causes of People’s Hair Loss in Hong Kong

Most Hong Kong people are facing “serious accumulation of dirt on their scalp”. Excessive sebum is caused because their hair is not washed for a long time, causing excessive reproduction of mold microorganisms on the scalp, oxidation of dead microorganism’s body. Therefore, the scalp of patients with fat leakage hair loss often gives off malodour. If the scalp is not cleaned at this time, dust in the air or styling products such as hair gel or chemicals such as silicone in daily shampoo remain on the hair and oxidize together with dandruff to cover pores, resulting in reduced adhesion of hair follicles, which will lead to alopecia, especially under the circumstances of fatigue, pressure, illness, physiological period and immunity decline, the symptoms of fat leakage hair loss will be especially serious.

Rinse scalp & hair thoroughly with Mitsubishi water couture carbonated spring water

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