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Embed absorbable protein threads at locations where hair is sparse or bald can effectively inhibit androgen production, activate cells in scalp and stimulate collagen production, which can improve alopecia symptoms, help hair follicles recover growth mechanism and help hair regeneration.

It is a best choice for those who fear of hair transplant surgery and do not have time to come to hospital frequently.

Embed an absorbable thread in the scalp?

Ultra Scalp Implant embedded in the scalp is a protein thread that has reached the highest safety level (Grade 4) of food and medicine and can be absorbed by the human body. After operation, there will be almost no allergy and foreign body symptoms. After 6-12 months, the protein thread will gradually melt in the body and be absorbed by the human body, stimulating the subcutaneous fat layer of the scalp to increase the elasticity of the scalp, promoting the blood circulation of the scalp, and thus improving the alopecia symptoms.

Before and After Taking Ultra Scalp Implant Technique

Top 5 Topics of the Most Concern in Alopecia Treatment

Q : Can common alopecia treatment be carried out simultaneously with Ultra Scalp Implan?

Embedding of absorbable protein thread into scalp can improve damaged hair and alopecia. Generally, the effect of one operation can be maintained for one to two years. If it is carried out together with AGA germinal therapy, the effect is better.

Q : Is Ultra Scalp Implant also a frightening operation?

Ultra V technique is characterized by no need for incision, short operation time and quick return to daily life and the effect is the same as that of improving alopecia through surgery.

Q : Can injecting drugs to improve alopecia be carried out together with Ultra Scalp Implant?

Absorbable protein thread is to stimulate the production of ossein and elastin in scalp. The combination of it with injection therapy can give greater helps to achieve healthy and strong hair and improve hair state.

Q : How many times should do the Ultra Scalp Implant to achieve the best effect?

The better effect can be achieved if you come to the operation every six months.

Q : What extent does alopecia have the best effect when Ultra Scalp Implant is done?

Alopecia treatment needs to be done as early as possible. The early treatment the most remarkable the effect.

The process of Ultra Scalp Implant treatment

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