AGA is produced by dihydrotestosterone (DHT) which comes from the combination of 5-reductase and testosterone (androgen). DHT is the cause of men’s hair thinning and alopecia.

AGA contains a lot of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in the part of sparse hair, which is believed to be the cause of shortening the hair growth cycle. Before the hair grows long and thick, it makes the hair fall off but not grows fully, while there is thinner and short hair, etc., so the overall alopecia is obvious.

Hair grows from a part called a hair follicle. There are hair balls deep in the hair follicle, and hair balls grow from hair mother cells and hair follicles, as shown in the figure. Hair mother cells absorb acids and nutrients transported from capillaries and convert them into energy so that the hair can grow healthily. Therefore, the quality of blood circulation affects the health and loss of hair. If the scalp blood circulation deteriorates, it will also cause alopecia.

At present, the hair cleaning products sold in the market can only remove the dirt attached to the scalp, but they cannot effectively remove DHT sebum accumulated deep in the hair root. In this case, no matter what hair growth agent is applied, it cannot penetrate into hair follicles, that is, any hair growth treatment is futile. Vacuum immersion hair growth is to make the scalp appear in a vacuum state, which can completely remove DHT sebum accumulated deep in the hair root.

The scalp before treatment

It can be seen that the sebum on the scalp is very thick, and a lot of DHT sebum and dirt are blocked in pores, which are the causes of the odor and alopecia. Under such circumstances, any hair restorer cannot penetrate into hair follicles, but only increase the burden on the scalp.

The scalp after treatment

Not only is the dirt deep in the pores removed completely, but the scalp also becomes very clean and absorbs oxygen fully. Therefore, the blood circulation gets better, and the scalp becomes pale pink. Under such circumstances, the hair restorer can really penetrate hair follicles and be absorbed.

After the hair restorer is “atomized” at the moment of pressurization and then pushed to the hair follicle, and scalp massage is performed at the same time to dilate capillaries, thus promoting blood circulation to double the absorption of nutrients.

Only one course of treatment is needed to make the hair appear “angel halo”; “Savior” of flat and inelastic hair. This is the effect of one course of treatment. From that, you can obviously see the hair gets fluffy and elastic after the course of treatment compared from the previous flat and collapsed hair and the state of the scalp. After the treatment, you can hardly see the difference in the state of the scalp. The glossiness of the hair is also different, which may make you obviously feel the vitality of the hair.

Accelerate scalp blood circulation, thoroughly clean DHT sebum accumulated in hair roots, and allow hair growth fluid to penetrate 100% into scalp, effectively treating alopecia, baldness, hair growth treatment, dandruff, scalp itching, fat leakage alopecia, odor and other symptoms.

Implementing the course of treatment before the hair transplant course can increase the softness of scalp, increase the range of hair donation, increase the amount of hair extracted, and improve the survival rate of hair, thus getting twice the result with half the effort.

It can be matched with the treatment course of Mesotherapy to accelerate the scalp to absorb nutrition in the possible shortest time and then restore growth power, thus shortening the treatment time and allowing customers to see the hair growth effect in a short time.

People under great pressure often have very stiff scalp, and blood circulation in shoulder and neck will also be affected. Autonomic nerve disorders lead to a large amount of DHT secretion. Postpartum women cannot live and rest normally, and will be affected by hormones, so a large number of free radicals are generated on the scalp, therefore these people will be immediately improved by this course of treatment.

Treatment time: 90 minutes
Frequency: once 1 to 2 weeks
The recommended treatment period is once a week for two to three months

The effect of the course of treatment varies from person to person. One treatment will not make significant change like plastic surgery. It takes 3 to 6 months for hair growth. Please understand before making an appointment. You don’t need to wash your hair that night after the treatment.

In Japan, vacuum immersion hair growth has been equated with fashion trends, and is very popular with celebrities and supermodels in high-class society. Even ROLA, the Japanese fashion leader, loves it. Dafang told his fans in IG Dynamics that vacuum immersion hair growth must be done for their daily maintenance. Dr.Scalp is synchronized with Japan and is the only one in Hong Kong to introduce vacuum immersion hair growth, allowing our customers to enjoy Japan’s most emerging hair growth technology with zero time difference from Japan.

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