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Dr's Mesotherapy (AGA Mesotherapy)

If you are pursuing a higher hair growth effect and are particularly concerned about a specific part of your scalp, many of these patients choose to take Dr. Scalp's original hair growth supplements daily and then add Dr's beauty treatment (AGA beauty plastic).

What is Dr's Mesotherapy (AGA Mesotherapy)?

Dr.Scalp provides Dr's Mesotherapy (AGA Mesotherapy) by injecting the original hair growth mixture "Dr's Mesotherapy (AGA Mesotherapy)" directly into the scalp with a syringe, so that 100% of the active ingredients penetrate The scalp is the most direct and effective treatment for scalp hair loss.

There are many reasons for AGA, such as disordered androgen secretion, stress, insufficient nutrition, etc. However, the common cause is that the hair growth signal is stagnated due to the lack of hair growth factors, which disrupts the hair cycle.

The role of Dr's Mesotherapy (AGA Mesotherapy): supplement the missing growth factors and return the stagnant growth signal to normal. Replenishing hair growth factors as the most effective countermeasures for baldness has attracted worldwide attention.

Anomalous illustration of long-term hair growth

Hair Follicle & Scalp Treatment

◆Enhance scalp cell regeneration  ◆Activate hair follicles  ◆Help restore hair to healthy growth and scalp blood circulation

Hair treatment

◆Helps hair grow thicker ◆Stimulates hair ◆Toughens hair ◆Effectively prevents persistent hair loss

Ingredients of Dr's Mesotherapy (AGA Mesotherapy)

Dr's Mesotherapy (AGA Mesotherapy) uses the original formula of Dr.Scalp Skin Clinic to condense ingredients that are regarded as useful for AGA treatment and exerts its vitality in many ways.

Growth factor complexes

Active ingredients to promote hair growth

Dr's Mesotherapy (AGA Mesotherapy) Injection

Dr's Mesotherapy (AGA Mesotherapy) uses a syringe to inject the original hair growth mixture directly into the scalp. When you hear "injection into the scalp", you may feel "painful", but the mesotherapy at Dr.Scalp Skin Clinic will relieve the pain of the injection during the operation, so please don't worry coming to the treatment.

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