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Managed by Japanese professionals, on the original hair, 2-4 Japanese artificial hairs are tied with Japan's special 3D patented non-invasive technology. One operation can increase the original hair volume by 3-4 times. It is natural and not affect daily life. It is currently the most popular additional issuance technology in Japan. This technology is the most direct and effective help for male & female customers whose scalp is obviously exposed due to hair loss. After the 3D MEDICAL WIGS, it is naturally fluffy and healthy and shiny. There are various hair colors to choose from. Dr.Scalp insists on using Japanese-made artificial hair, the touch is soft and the three-dimensional effect is naturally presented, allowing customers to have the perfect result, even customers cannot tell the difference between their own hair and artificial hair.

Suitable for people with the following problems:

  • People with a lot of hair but too fine hair
  • People who want to increase hair volume in a certain area
  • People who don't want to hurt their hair
  • Those who want to visibly increase hair volume while treating hair loss
  • People with too obvious dividing line
  • People who can only rely on electricity to increase their hair volume
  • People who don't want to wear wigs and hair extension
  • Those who want to immediately cover a visibly exposed scalp
  • People who are born with low hair volume

Post-Treatment Care

- After the hair growth?
Hair grows about 1cm in a month. If the knot between the scalp and the Japanese artificial hair exceeds 6-7cm, you can re-tie a new Japanese artificial hair on the hair root and trim the old knot. Continuing this cycle of hair can still maintain natural and plump. It is recommended to do it every 2-3 months for better results.
Perm and dye hair
It will not be impossible to change the shape because of the Japanese 3D hair growth treatment. You can freely enjoy normal hair and dyeing! This special 3D hair booster will not be affected by electric hair and dyes. Japanese artificial hair can do various natural shapes during the heating process, whether it is electric or wavy. 3D hair growth can choose the color to match the hair color, even if you have dyed your hair.
After being heated, it can better exert the function of shape memory, and can freely change the hairstyle. Japanese artificial hair is also suitable for hair dryers, hair straightener and electric curlers, which can still maintain no frizz and feel more hair volume.
Wash hair everyday!
You can wash your hair every day, and it is recommended to use a shampoo and hair conditioner that suits you. Gently rub and massage with the pulp of your fingers, do not use your fingernails. After shampooing, it is recommended to blow dry the hair before going to bed. Use a towel to absorb the moisture of the hair and scalp first. Please wrap the hair gently to help absorb the moisture and not hurt the Japanese artificial hair.


The top of the head (400 hairs/around 60 minutes) 『つむじ直し』
Bangs (400 hairs/around 60 minutes) 『前髪直し』
The dividing line of the front the head (400 hairs/around 60 minutes) 『前髪とトップの境目直し』
M words Forehead (1000 hairs/around 150 minutes) 『M字直し&分かれ目直し』
No specific area (Estimated based on individual circumstances)
Retouch (400 hairs/around 60 minutes)

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